Tuesday, 13 December 2011

out of the cold darkness and into the merry warmth. i'm not big on churches as a rule, but i abide by the lazy atheist code of happily getting involved whenever there's a chance free mince pies will be involved. and it's nice, it's always nice, to be around people at christmas - no matter the circumstance. it's especially nice here, surrounded by all the ancient walls of st andrews, and the benefits of attending a tiny little university are made plain by walking into a carol service and immediately finding friends you didn't even know were attending. a lot of people were very dressed up as the christmas ball was taking place immediately afterwards, and a lot of people were wearing the bright red st andrews gowns, but me & my housemates simply bundled up in our warmest, scruffiest clothes to face the dreaded winds, & went straight back home afterwards. back into a different kind of warmth - not the warmth of tradition & unity, but the warmth of friendship & familiarity, and the even warmer knowledge that the journey home is just around the corner.


  1. Why can't I take such perfect pictures in churches? (I admire you!)
    Your post reminded me of Christmas when I was desperate and drowning in homework and horrible thoughts. Thank you very much.

  2. The church-going experience is always best during Christmastime - the whole atmosphere is 100 times better. :)

    I love these pictures, holly! They evoke Christmas strongly and beautifully.

  3. What gorgeous photos, I do love Christmas caroling.

    xx Carina

  4. There is something perfect about Carol services. I don't think one needs to be at all religious to find them heart-warming and beautifully peaceful. xxx

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