Friday, 16 December 2011

i guess some things in life might be better than coming home for christmas and finding a puppy waiting for you, but i can't imagine what they are. after a bewildering stress-free flight i got home last night at just before midnight, and little merlin came toddling up to meet me. he's 8 weeks old and utterly lovely, and he bounces around everywhere cause he's too little to actually get anywhere at all. i can't stress enough how very very tiny he is - i've got no idea how he manages to get anywhere on such little legs! i'm completely in love. the whole house was decorated for my arrival but mum left our dining room tree so me & merlin could decorate it today, since the snowfall meant that we couldn't really do much else. also, he has a real eye for interior design, you see. well - i think he does, but he did spend most of the time asleep :)
coming home always feel like you've never really been away. how easy it is to settle back into your old routines - into your old self. and how easily little collie puppies fit into that routine too :)


  1. This is incredibly cute and lovely. You have given young Merlin the most perfect name! He is adorable and these photographs do a wonderful job of capturing your love. Coming home is always easy, I couldn't agree more. x

  2. Ohhh! I cannot even stand how darling he is! I love all these pictures; they're so cute and Christmas-y. The polar bear ornament is so sweet! I have a thing for such wintery animals. :)

  3. Oh he is so adorable, and I think his name fits him perfectly!

    I too just came home for my first christmas after going to college, and it astonishes me how easy it is to go back to routines!

  4. Ohhhh! He is so cute! I'm envious of your puppy playtime O_O! xxx

    ps i very much hope he makes a guest apperance in all of your posts from now on! <3

  5. Ahhhh he's the cutest thing ever! That would be such a wonderful surprise. And I love the Christmas photos with him!
    Too cute :)