Saturday, 10 December 2011

chrismukkah party! i wore my sparkly topshop dress & put my great big heels on, then drank enough to not notice when the heels turned my feet red. a great deal of food was had by all - latkes and mince pies and doughnuts and chocolate coins and candy canes and christmas cake and shortbread and glasses upon glasses upon glasses of mulled wine. i included the final picture to remind you all that there's nothing sexier than a girl who eats, and how spectacularly sad it is that you never see pictures of it anywhere. but that's a post for another time. this post is for good friends, good food, christmas music that is good simply by virtue of being christmas related. people showed up who i didn't expect to show up, in the best way, and the people i didn't want to show up did not. a perfect evening of revelry; dancing to the maccabeats, smashing glasses in an attempt to make an announcement, pulling crackers with strangers and bonding over paper hats and seriously bad jokes. i took plenty more photos but i'm always a little wary about pulling pictures of other people on this blog, just cause of the inevitable raised eyebrows should one of them ever stumble upon it! this party has been like a beacon on the horizon for weeks, as we all desperately long for the end of the semester, and now it's over it feels like only moments till we'll all be going home. thursday the 15th i can board the plane back down south, back to log fires and home cooked meals and an adorable little puppy named merlin. not long now. not long at all, now.


  1. I love that Topshop dress :) And a Chrismukkah party? Amazing, I thought that was just in the OC. Glad you had a lovely time. Home time soon :) xx

  2. You look like you're a fun addition to any party! And yes, terribly sexy whilst eating. :)

    Chrismukkah?!? I love it! I've never heard that combination.

  3. Oh Holly, reading your blog always makes me feel so wonderfully at home. You're marvellous. xx