Wednesday, 7 December 2011

collars under jumpers, boots with fur on the inside, the first snow of winter. nothing too intense so far but thick with the promise of mayhem to follow; skies heavy with white cloud, threatening to fall, dangling on the precipice of silent carnage, making these distinctively scottish buildings seem even darker and greyer than usual. the fourth photo shows the roofs of my english buildings - castle house and kennedy hall, and they were taken from my garden. being so close to where i have tutorials is such a luxury in these winter days, when being outside for longer than five minutes has you chilled right down to the bone. we crowd together in an office lined with books and empty teacups, talking of paradises lost and metaphysics explained, wondering if adam would have eventually eaten the apple without her, or if donne is even talking to anybody but himself. and then in art history we're catapulted into the much more modern; into munch, and mackintosh, and the anxiety & nervousness of whiplash paint on a turn-of-the-century canvas. i'd tell you what we're doing in mediaeval history if i knew - as you no doubt can imagine, it's hard to get out of bed for morning lectures when the world outside is on it's way to frozen.


  1. I love collars and jumpers together, especially that deer collar!

  2. Collars and jumpers <3 I love this little extract of yours, I cannot imagine what all that cold would feel like! (I'd be drinking endless cups of hot chocolate in such weather)

    It sounds like you study such interesting subjects

    xx Carina

  3. Your outfit = SO adorable! (And you're pretty dang adorable yourself!)

    I admit, I am quite jealous. We have been having annoyingly warm weather here. Mid-September weather. I am not amused.

  4. That outfit looks so lovely and comfortable. And such charming surroundings, too!

  5. On it's way to frozen. I just love how that sounds. December makes me sleepy - all I want to do is nap eat nap eat.

    sending you happy spells

  6. I love your collar, the print is so pretty...

    And oh my, you live in sucha pretty area :). I LOVE photographing old, gorgeous buildings and areas like that.

  7. Your garden, your surroundings are lovely. I'm jealous that you've been seeing snow; it has been scarce here, and my poor Canadian blood can't take any more of this warmth. I long for true winter.

    I hope you're well, dearest Holly.