Wednesday, 23 November 2011

[ topshop; asos; modcloth; amazon; accessorize; cambridge satchel ]

things you do when you're overworked and overtired; wish for christmas. the lights are being hung up in the streets, waiting to be lit, the adverts have started (and yes, i cried at the john lewis one), the decorations are being unearthed and you can't walk into a shop without being bombarded by mince pies. i've got christmas pyjamas waiting to be worn & a christmas candle waiting to be burnt, and it's exceedingly difficult waiting eight more sleeps for december to arrive to get started. of course, the temptation is to hang fairy lights in my bedroom and watch jack frost and pretend it's christmas now, but then that will ruin the fun of actually doing it when the time comes, warm in the knowledge you're not the only one.
this year i'm wishing for animal jumpers & skater skirts, with star shaped earrings and a cambridge leather satchel. for snuggly toes and glittery nails and mittens to brave the scottish winds. for heavy green leggings to be tucked into riding boots, and pretty dresses to wear to the pub, and a camera to make videos and a whole plethora of things beside. but what i really want most of all is to be able to fly home for christmas - it can snow all it wants after december the 15th, but please please please not before. please please please. please.


  1. I'm so wishing for Christmas season to start as well! This post is just wonderful and has filled me with even more anticipation. I've been keeping myself from playing Christmas songs on the piano. December 1st, though - they will fill the air!

    I'm praying all the angels don't upend their bags of snow till Dec. 16, at least. :)

  2. I love your list, such pretty, pretty things! I cannot wait either, but you're right it wouldn't be the same if we started all the Christmassy stuff now. I've got my fingers crossed for you too so you can fly home safe. xx

  3. What a lovely list, I especially love the white dress and the fox jumper!

  4. I wish and hope and wish that it won't snow before December 15th, so you can get home. Your list of wants is just perfect. I've started buying presents for the festive season; it's always an exciting time of year.

  5. That white dress O_O! It's gorgeous!

    So many tears at the john lewis advert >_< i cant wait for christmas, i've been in quite the festive mood for a while now cos the kids at the school i work at have been working on their christmas play for most of november! We have to start early cos their brains are tiny ehe O_o

    Ohh i hope you get home for christmas! <3 x

  6. Ahhh all of these things are so pretty and perfect for fall/winter. They all go together wonderfully too. Great post :)